Exercise: Just Do It!

January 21, 2014 Motivation



Exercise for a healthy life

What can you do to make yourself feel calmer, more productive, and more alert?


I can hear your sighs from here.  But it’s true.  We already know that working out can help your cardio vascular strength and help you lose weight.  But there are other benefits that aren’t normally taken into account when thinking about sweating it out at the gym… things that you would definitely spend 30 minutes on if you knew what it could do for you.  Here are some of the benefits of exercise:


Better Sleep, Better Rest

Exercising will help you get more quality sleep than before.  It helps you slow down and relax.


Healthier Food Choices

You’ll make better food choices either because working out with a heavy lunch in your stomach is uncomfortable, or because you just crave a fresher, more natural meal selection.


Increased Productivity

Once you incorporate exercise in your life, you’ll get more done because you won’t be as tired as you used to be.  Wait and see how much you can get done when you feel fresh and rejuvenated!


Less Stress

Stress is so much a part of our lives that it seems unnatural to live without it.  But you can reduce the amount of stress you have and the effects it has on your body with exercise.  Your stress level will decrease with physical exertion.  After a rough day at work, you can pound it out on a heavy bag or dance it out in Zumba class.


Less Worrying

Working out also helps you to clear your head and release your worries.  By focusing on the physical exertion – lifting, dancing, cycling -, your mind will reset and you’ll be able to think through the problem better.


Exercise is good for you – mind, body, and soul.  Try it and see for yourself.