Tricks for starting your day off right

January 23, 2014 Motivation

start your day off right

Start your day off right

Your whole day depends on how you wake up. The first precondition for a cheerful morning is a good night’s sleep – no matter how busy your day is, you should always make enough time and sleep at least seven hours each night. An important factor of your morning happiness is your alarm tone – if you find it irritating, pick out a different one – that won’t make you feel annoyed when you hear it. When you wake up, you should take things slow and have your morning cup of coffee or tea in peace and quiet. While you’re enjoying your morning refreshment, go through your upcoming schedule and see if you can organize it better, so you can be more efficient and constructive with every task that should be completed during that day.

The next step in having a beautiful morning is to have a healthy breakfast – this is really the most important meal of your day and you shouldn’t avoid it, even if you don’t like eating early. Good nutrition will empower you with the energy necessary to go through your day without feeling exhausted or frustrated at any point. It’s also recommended that you spend some time on a treadmill; you’ll boost up your spirits with some extra endorphins that can help you enjoy your day even more.